J.R.R. Tolkien fans and admirers never cease to amaze each other with their stunning tributes to the master of fantasy and his beautiful world. Danish American artist Victoria certainly paid her respects to the epic book “Hobbit” by crafting a gorgeous paper sculpture of the great dragon Smaug out of its Danish release.

The artist, who is a prolific contributor to the DeviantArt online artist community, cut the book pages, still attached to the hardcover, into multiple pieces and apparently glued them together. She paid a great deal of attention to the cool dragon’s rugged, scaled hide and famously intimidating expression.

The sculpture artwork is a real fantasy in itself, as we only see the dragon’s head and a small part of his body, making it seem as if he’s skulking into being straight out of the pages of Tolkien’s epic fantasy. What makes the sculpture even more fun is the little figure of Bilbo, desperately and slightly humorously trying to hide from an inescapable danger.

Victoria’s portfolio is full of beautiful sculptures, so it’s worth checking out. She brings a second life to all sorts of materials but clearly has her heart dedicated to paper art in the form of popular books or old newspapers.

Source: fartoomanyideas.deviantart.com (via: laughingsquid)