My name is Elisa Mearelli, I am an Italian artist. I was born in Fabriano, a town with a historic tradition of paper making, so I feel I have a strong bond with this material which I consider to be much more than a common object of everyday use. For me, paper is not just a support to cover with colour, but rather it is the true protagonist of the work of art. My studies focalize on the necessity of leaving an indelible mark on the paper by means of strong invasive actions such as making holes and cuts in it. None of my works can be erased or covered over with colour. The paper has been cut, there is no going back; it has its own form, it tells its own story, like the human skin.

The project that I like to show you, is my new 2018 project, and it is about planet and asteriod landscapes. I collect informations, pictures and maps which reveal impact craters, mountains, dry lakes and water channels. These amazing and strange landscapes reveal to me a lot of simple but inspirational shapes, beautiful patterns of holes and lines. There are millions of asteroids, I imagine them as floating islands into the deep space.

Each layer is 100% hand cut and burned by me. Each sheet is sewn on a frame by a fishing line to give depth.

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Vaporum detail

Around the target

Around the target detail

Red sand

Red sand detail


Nubium detail