I like to draw scenes out of my life that have special meaning to me. A panorama is a lovely way to capture a memory! Below you see a couple of different flat and panoramic projections of recent illustrations I drew for my blog “a World a Week”.

You’re probably already familiar with Google Streetview, an example of low-res photography panorama’s. What I do is basically the same only I draw my panoramic views. I mostly use watercolor, ink and pencil but I also love to draw with biro (bic’s) and I’m always looking for a new technique to try.

Feel free to post a suggestion for a topic or technique you’d like to see in illustrated pano shape!

More info: aworldaweek.skizzie.nl | Facebook

Vijfsluizen in watercolour

Inky graveyard at night

A little planet of me in a hammock

Starry rose garden in ink

Try to spot all the gnomes.

Haytor Quarry Wood in pencil

Gnome home

Perelin, der Nachtwald