Artist, musician, and traveller Radu Tesaro also known as Radka Kirby has become known for her colourful, bold, fresh works of art. Radu’s style reflects her free-spirited but brave approach to life, in which she says nothing has been planned. Radu began travelling the world as a teenager and says things just happened and new doors opened unexpectedly along the way. And she admits, she became almost fearless as life taught her some tough lessons, having to survive without food or shelter when there wasn’t any money.

Born and raised in the Czech Republic, Radu briefly attended art school but at 18 decided to learn German and so began her travels. she ventured around Europe, to New Zealand and then to Canada. In Toronto she did a lot of painting and started her first exhibiting in galleries and clubs.

It was the trip to Zambia, in 2004, which had a dramatic impact on her painting and her life. Radu fell in love with the scenery, colors and sunshine and settled there for several years, bringing up her daughter and focusing on developing what has become her signature style of painting with a palette knife. Inspired by the beautiful smiling faces of the African people she painted portraits but also captured the spirit of native animals and the dramatic landscape.

Radu says her main source of inspiration is “everyday experiences perceived by all senses” and the challenge of capturing rich feelings, moods and atmospheres.

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