Though i personally, have been out of the game now for more than four years, my passions for and awe of LOVE and LOVERS has only deepened through my work exploring the nature of relationship, via nature itself. Painting people into the world found new realms of possibility when it evolved into a practice of affirming the foundations of unity beyond the mere reflection of two people – to the perspective of being part of the the the earth together.

As we progressively discover, uniting solely via matrimony leaves much to be desired for the long road ahead. A life posited between two people, without something greater to focus on, without a common ground to stand upon, more often than not, ends in separation. I believe that people who love each other want to stay together, and my work highlights the significance of finding a shared purpose for life, as individuals coming together in partnership. It is our connection to the earth, our planet, that can support LOVE and LOVERS.

Each unique relationship brings its own stories and in turn, its own symbols, declarations and intentions, to the work we do together. Some couples are celebrating many years of hardship and triumph together, others are only just promising themselves to each other for the first time, unbeknown to the mysterious road ahead… others believed that they would lose each other through sickness and death, and then healed and earned more years together… others celebratevthe short time that they have left in each others embrace before saying goodbye.

Each couple I have worked with has taught me much about what it takes to be in relationship and when I have asked the secret to longevity, I am met with answers like “mutual respect”, “humour”, and the simple fact that choosing to be together is a daily choice. With every lesson I acquire, I am left a little more whimsical about the possibilities of my life. I am a leo sun, moon and Venus – and despite experiencing only a short number of years in a lovers arms, I am a hopeless romantic. If I fall in love, I might as well fall off the planet and return to the stars that I came from. Perhaps that’s why it hasn’t happened for a long time – I seem to be too busy painting people into the world. Presenting The first ever, an unprecedented retreat: The Shamanic Lovers Merging Retreat which will take place this November 15-20 in The Blue Mountains of Australia. Four couples are invited to be part of this life changing transformational experience. We look forward to meeting you.

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