A smile or a tear, sadness or happiness… I feel my work is better when I want to express something with it because it has an additional value: it has meaning. Working with portraits means expressing personal feelings but to each person what an illustration “tells” is different so for me, the most important thing is not telling a particular message but being able to cause “something” in a viewer and the best way is showing emotions with my work.

So here it is a collection of some of my works done with coffee and brown pencil involving this theme. Coffee used as an art technique works similar to watercolours but it is a one-tone palette and I like to introduce the pencil because it helps me to give detail to the illustration. Coffee by itself is already unique and singular as an art technique but for me it is fascinating how many possibilities it has. The color scheme is really wide and it has the quality of giving warmth to an illustration.

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Unbreakable smile

Broken dreams