Ukraine-born artist Mark Khaisman creates truly unique art using a really mundane material – brown packing tape. By putting various layers of translucent tape onto Plexiglass and then cutting it into certain shapes, the artist remakes scenes from old Hollywood’s iconic movies, art history, certain 20th-century cultural icons, or his own photographs.

The Plexiglass that the brown tape pictures are placed on is also used as a light medium. Light, the final part of Khaisman’s work of art, passes from behind the images to illuminate the multiple layers of tape, allowing them to interact with each other and create a gorgeous glowing effect. The final image makes you appreciate brown tape a lot more, as it creates a stunning sepia effect that makes the images from movie scenes seem nostalgic.

Brown packaging tape as an art medium is not an entirely new discovery – we wrote earlier this year about Dutch-born artist Max Zorn. This only casts Khaisman’s scrupulous and amazing artworks in a new light and makes you wonder – could this be a new movement in the art world?

Source: (via: twistedsifter)