The Salone del Mobile of Milan is on the way. And in the middle of all the innovations, of all this incredible design … we have a question.

The question arises from the observation of all that design, which we often take for granted, which we do not even notice anymore, but that is around us. Packaging.

So we asked ourselves: what if the everyday packs, those that are so familiar to us ... would not contain the product we are expecting? What would our reaction be? Would we always perceive them in the same way? We would not understand its value any more?

Would our brain still perceive that bottle well? Or that can? Or that pizza box? Or would there be a visual shock that would leave us baffled for a few moments? Do the packs alone, by their peculiar shape, have a mental block that can be circumvented? Or is their design not so distinctive?

A fundamental part of a brand asset, packs are also a very important aspect to keep in mind when it comes to brand-dna. Exactly like the logo, like the payoff, like the product design, even the pack, the "box," is an essential part of the brand panorama.

Even more: is it possible to exploit a short circuit to create something new, that has value for the brand and that develops awareness? If a mouthwash was sold in an Energy drink can? Or if a licorice wheel was sold inside a pizza pack? Or if the CocaCola was sold in tuna cans? Can this all change the brand value? Would something new and useful for the brand be born?

This is what we asked ourselves with P-HECK and the result is really fun (and not trivial in some cases!)

We hope you enjoy it!

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#1 Coke In A Tuna Tin?

Coke In A Tuna Tin?


#2 Malboro Wine?

Malboro Wine?


#3 Pizza Licorice?

Pizza Licorice?


#4 Beer Chips?

Beer Chips?


layla saige 11 months ago

that is weird

#5 Milk Toothpaste?

Milk Toothpaste?


#6 Spam Beer?

Spam Beer?


#7 Energy Drink Mouthwash?

Energy Drink Mouthwash?


layla saige 11 months ago