Owls are majestic creatures. They’re one of the most adorable and mysterious birds out there. However, they are not as innocent as they may look sometimes. After all, owls are called birds of prey for a reason. Being good hunters, these birds live on a diet of various creatures such as insects, mice, rats, hares, and some of them can even hunt fish. Owls are one of the most silent birds of prey with excellent night vision and hearing, so many poor little creatures out there stand no chance against these predators. If that’s not scary enough for you, these animals are known to sometimes attack humans. For instance, a great horned owl, whose talons have a clutching force of 500 psi (similar to the bite of a large guard dog), repeatedly struck the scalp of a jogger in Salem, Oregon in 2015.

Recently, someone shared a video of an owl trying to intimidate and scare away a cat

Recently, someone took a video of a startled and confused family cat who somehow almost got its butt kicked by an angry owl. The cat and many of us (thanks to the video) found out what owls look like when they really don’t want to be messed with. The angry bird in the video assumed an extremely threatening position with its wings puffed up, looking almost twice its size. After seeing such an intimidating sight, the poor kitty froze in fear and didn’t even think about fighting back.

When we think of owls, we usually imagine them as adorable and extremely cute creatures

But they can get quite terrifying really fast. Just look at this angry little ball of fluff!

Image credits: Etienne

Here’s how big and intimidating owls look when they face a threatening situation

Here’s another one trying to scare a cat away

Image credits: julietvanree

Clearly, these are the animals you don’t want to mess with!

Here’s how people reacted to the video