The brilliant idea of artist Vilija Vitkute to create different rainbow bodypaint projects in different places, with the goal to spread happiness, love, peace and color around which will inspire people.

The rainbow itself is inspiring because of its color and that it can happen anywhere. It has a positive meaning which is great to use with bodypaint as color pallet and idea.

Vilija is known as a bodypainter artist, she had to gather different bodypaint artist, cirkus, dance performers, children and different people to be a part of the rainbow project.

In last 2 years, there were bodypainted over 750 people in Sweden, Portugal and Netherlands in different festivals, events and culture projects.

Vilija believes that this project brings so much positive energy, love and peace and its needed project to make a better change, spread message of love, equal rights.

” I received so much love from people during this project which makes me and many people so happy, we celebrate love, color all together and it became a colorful, inspiring memory. This project is for all ages and people with different interest”

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Bodypaint dance performance in Agitagueda art festival in Portugal. Bodypaint artist: Vilija Vitkute, Emanuela Lele Peretto, Sarah Pixner and Alexandra Bjork together with dancer group from Poland.

Rainbow Bodypaint on pregnant women

Bodypaint by Vilija Vitkute in Falun/Sweden

For everyones equal rights rainbow project with 8 years old children in Falun Sweden

650 painted children in rainbow colours created mandala which symbolise everyones equal rights.

Mandala created out of 650 children in Sweden/Falun

Cirkus rainbow performance in Linkoping Sweden together with Duo Saras performers

“Rainbow dancer” Bodypaint by Vilija Vitkute in Portugal

Bodypaint rainbow performance in Agitagueda

Rainbow performance in Netherlands Psi Fy festival/ Bodypaint by Vilija Vitkute

“Love pride” the rainbow Bodypaint on cirkus performers by Vilija Vitkute

Bodypainted performers Kaaos Kaamos spread love in Stockholm Pride / by artist Vilija Vitkute

The rainbow team in Portugal

The police during Linkoping pride spread love and color with body painted performers