It was a super spontaneous decision to spend all of our money for this absolutely brilliant weeks, which is actually closer to Greenland than to Europe. Really wasn`t sure if its the best idea to change my warm summer holidays in Berlin to the icelandic “summer”.

This basically means degrees up to 15°c and sometimes like 5°c in the night when were cruising through the nothern parts of the country. Oh, and we had to sleep in a tent. Cold but very good experience! Got kinda sick anyway but it was worth it, falling asleep and waking up whereever u want with some of the best morning views I`ve ever heard. Our luck was that we had a 4×4-Car which has a box on its top that u just need to unfold and, et voila, its a tent. Perfect.
I saw quite a lot in my live, lived in New Zealand, Holidays in most parts of the world (thanks mom & dad!), but Iceland kills it all! By far.

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