With so many tragedies and losses occurring every single day, having reminders that everyday heroes are out there is always a breath of fresh air. Sometimes it’s someone offering an unexpected gift of kindness or reaching out to those in need, other times it’s the final act of altruism that makes people harbors of hope for others. One of such heroes is David Llewellyn, a 28-year-old father from Acklam, Middlesbrough, who saved 5 lives by donating his organs.

After passing away from a brain tumor last month, David left his fiancée Corinne Hynes a single mother to their 11-month-old son Jude. However, while the loss is tremendous, there is a glimmer of hope in the family’s tragedy. Just last week Corinne received a letter from Donor Family Care Service detailing the information about people who have benefited thanks to David’s donation.

Here is the letter that Corinne received following David’s passing

“Dear Corrine, and family,

As promised, this letter contains information about those who have benefited following David’s donation.

Organ donation saves and transforms the lives of those lucky enough to receive a transplant. I am pleased to tell you that at the time of writing this letter five people have received an organ transplant.

A gentleman in his fifties who had been on the recipient waiting list for one year received a kidney and pancreas transplant. A young lady in her thirties who had been on the recipient waiting list for over five years also received a kidney transplant.
A gentleman in his fifties received a liver transplant, a young lady in her thirties received a double lung transplant and a gentleman in his fifties received a lifesaving heart transplant.

I hope that this information bring you some comfort and that you feel proud of the difference David has made to others through the gift of organ donation.

Thank you once again and please know that David’s gift can never be underestimated.”

Both, Corinne and David’s cousin Faye Gatenby, shared the letter on their social media accounts and received tremendous support. The list of people has also been shared anonymously by other internet users and received just as much admiration.

While some, who witnessed the letter, commented to show appreciation for people like David, there were also other who felt encouraged to do the same. According to National Health Service database, there are 5951 people waiting for transplant in the UK alone.

According to NHS, between April 2018 and February 2019, there have been 1348 deceased donors, a 2,6% increase since the previous year, which shows that more and more people choose to become organ donors, changing lives of those in need every single day.

As for Corinne, Jude and their family, the letter can serve as a reminder that their beloved David became a hero by changing so many lives for the better.

Here’s how people responded to the letter online