The thrill of travel often pushes us to try out new things, but sometimes it may lead us into uncomfortable situations. When ILoveRedLips went to Paris, she decided to book herself a package in a fancy Turkish spa. After all, it was her birthday. Visiting a place she hasn’t been to before, the lady decided to read about it on TripAdvisor. However, sometimes you shouldn’t blindly trust random internet users.

The American spent $500 for the flight, paid $700 for the hotel, and about $75 per day for food and leisure. But her time at the O’Kari Spa was priceless. Scroll down to read why the traveler will probably remember it for the rest of her life and let us know what would you do if you’d find yourself in a situation like that!

You should be extra careful if you’re about to get naked in a different country

Image credits: Trey Ratcliff

“Being the only naked person in the room”

The story quickly went viral and the internet applauded her confidence