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Turn Rice Balls Into Cute Kitties With This Purrfect Omusubi Kit
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Food7 years ago

Turn Rice Balls Into Cute Kitties With This Purrfect Omusubi Kit

You’ve always wanted your rice balls to look like a stylized cat-face, and now they can! Kitchen tool maker Earnest has answered the prayers of cat and rice-ball lovers around the world with ‘Omusubi Nyan,’ their kitty-shaped onigiri kit. The “nyan” at the end of the name is the sound of a cat meowing in Japanese.

Onigiri or omusubi is not a form of sushi. The rice mixture is different, and the filling serves to preserve the rice, whereas sushi originated as a way of preserving fish. This method of storing and eating rice dates as far back as the 8th century; in later times, it is said samurai stored rice balls in a bamboo sheath as a quick meal during times of war.

More info: Amazon (h/t: rocketnews24)

 These rice kitties were made using the Omusubi Nyan onigiri kit

It comes with with a tool to cut nori into whiskers, smiles, and other facial features!

The resulting cut-outs just need to be pressed into the rice ball

The kit has everything you need make your rice balls more feline

Just press your rice into the mold, and presto! A kitty ball!

You can use soy-sauce to give the rice cat-like markings

The result is adorable and delicious!

There are even paw-print cutters, too

And you can even use the punched nori to reverse the kitty color-scheme!

You can buy this cool tool from Amazon


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