Hello! I wanted to share these little paintings my boyfriend makes every month for me. This is the first year.

A couple of years ago, due to PCOS, my monthly cycles became irregular and very painful. Every month is terrible, I literally can’t leave my bed on the first day. I told my boyfriend early on about it and he wanted to help somehow. Since he can’t always be physically with me because we’re in a long distance relationship, he found an adorable way to be supportive and to make those days a little less crappy.

We call them ‘period paintings’ in which he paints himself, protecting me from my demonic period cramps. He’s been sending me these paintings every month, for over a year and a half now. This gesture makes me fall in love with him more and more every day.

While we both find these paintings to be personal, I’ve wanted to share them somewhere for a while because I thought they would make other people smile too. He’s a talented, self-taught artist, so if you like his artwork, be sure to follow him! Have a good day everyone!

More info: Instagram | artstation.com

This is the first painting, I almost dropped my phone when I saw it

Sometimes he paints me as a little matryoshka doll that’s attached to him

… And sometimes he makes them look like epic movie posters