During 1863-1904 people in Lithuania invented totally new ways of smuggling.

During that time Lithuania were dominated by Tsarist Russia. Russian empire decided to destroy Lithuanian identity by banning all Lithuanian press in Latin alphabet, it’s publishing and import. As an addition it was forbidden to teach and learn in Lithuanian language.

BUT. Almost immediately, new heroes rose – BOOK SMUGGLERS. Many Lithuanians began printing Lithuanian press abroad and smugglers made sure it arrived to the transfer points in Lithuanian-speaking areas of the Russian Empire. They hid the books in piles of wood, hay and even coffins. Off course they weren’t saint too – book smuggling was extremely profitable, but even more dangerous.

My interactive musical shorfilm shows two stories at the same time: one of them – of book smuggler trying to succeed and second one is about gendarme, who tries to catch him.

You can change the story you see by moving your mouse over the book icon in the corner, while watching.

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Sometimes they hid books in coffins…

…and pretended to be dead.

In case of success, books secretly reached churches.

But sometimes smuggler way was over very tragically.

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