‘One’ was highly anticipated after the success of Infantino’s previous two pieces ‘Yang’ which took 4 months and ‘Victor’, which took the artist 5 months to complete.

The process began in August 2016 and after a challenging yet interesting journey of 22 months, ‘One’ was born in the second quarter of 2018.

‘One’ is an installation of 7 individual sculptures depicting Gaurs(Indian Bisons) which are built on a baseplate of Mild Steel, 6mm thick.

The artist first started by shaping the skeletal structure of each bison using steel rib-bars and mild-steel rods of various thickness.

Once the basic skeleton was complete, it was then stabilised and welded to the Base plate with the help of 20 mm thick rib-bars.

The next phase of the process included adding smaller skeletal details such as the face, horns and the ears, to the structure using thinner mild-steel rods.

Once completed the artist then started to weld strips of sheet metal 16”x 3” x 1.2mm thickness on to the skeleton.

An approximate number of 7000 strips of mild steel were used in the making of the 7 sculptures.

Once the entire structure was covered, the process of detailing commenced, which included adding on the various levels of bulging muscle, the eyes, nostrils, tail and the hair .

Individual attention to every piece was essential in making of ‘ONE’, as each of the sculptures had to possess their own characteristics and personality.

The process was finally completed by treating and painting it to withstand the elements of the outdoors.

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