''Please stop thinking you know what is the best for us. How many times have you been sitting in the street, looking at all these people who used to be your friends?'' he asked me. ''I guess, I've never been in the same situation'' I answered. And after that, I've started to think.

My name is Paula Kentosova. I am 21 years old photographer who is always trying to capture and shed light on a world that is enveloped in darkness. I was convinced that a large percentage of homeless people are alcoholics and drug addicts. I was wrong.

Mike was divorced. Julian's parents died. Chris has cancer and he is not responsible for paying expensive bills in the United States. "We are living in the streets, but it doesn't mean we are animals'' another man told me. They are trying to find help in America's homeless shelters, unfortunately, it's not so easy.

''We need to fight with shame. People are not looking at us. They are maybe afraid homeless can be contagious. Sometimes just one nice smile or world can give us the power to try to start again. It's not so easy,'' he continued.

I spent with them a few more hours. They were nice, but also ashamed of the circumstances that they've fallen and fear for not only their futures but their family's future. Their days look almost the same. Common breakfast, lunch, dinner, watching TV news, reading books, feeding ducks... and the most important thing. Waiting. Waiting for someone who can empower them and trying to live again just as those with a place to call home do.