Nobody enjoys a cold and dark commute to the office in the middle of winter, especially on a dreaded Monday morning. So, you can imagine the excitement of our workforce when we arrived at work to find that a group of our colleagues had built a giant Winter Wonderland maze using 1,152 cardboard boxes. Because that’s exactly what happened!

A group of employees decided our offices at Viking needed a facelift to give us all a festive feeling, so they got together and planned the craziest possible office stunt they could imagine. As we all arrived at work at 9 am on Monday, everyone was left feeling seriously stunned… and very lost!

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Turning the office into a giant maze has to be one of the wildest dreams for any workforce… but our team made it a reality

Working with our talented in-house designer, they put together a floorplan that covered the 247 square meter office floor of our building at Viking

The maze was made from 1,152 cardboard boxes and was designed with several ‘Winter Wonderland’ themed areas based around the desks

The areas included an enchanted forest, an elf workshop, Bavarian log cabins, festive fireplaces and… a meeting room ball pit!

The team involved spent hours during lunch breaks and after work building everything from cardboard trees to mountain ranges to help decorate the maze and make it truly festive

The ball pit meeting room contained 31,000 white and silver balls, creating the illusion of a snowdrift and making for some seriously fun meeting