After watching all the seasons of Game of Thrones I was not only disappointed with the ending but I also did not find the Night King very scary. In my imagination, the Night King was way scarier and evil.

Being a professional artist I decided to bring my vision of the Night King to life in the form of a sculpture. After 60 hours of sculpting and painting my own Night King was finished. It is life-size and made out of epoxy and then painted with acrylics and oil paint.

Then I had my dear friend Sabine Henzing, a professional photographer, take photos in different light and angles. I am really looking forward to hearing your opinions. Is my Night King scarier? On my Instagram, you can find more photos and videos of my sculpture. It is titled “Winterdemon”.

More info: Instagram

The complete sculpture

Close-up of my Night King

Side view, I really like spiral shapes, so I made his ears into spirals

Side view, other side

Coming out of the dark

An ice cold stare

King of the Night

Shadow and ice

Close-up with different lighting

Hiding in the shadows

Winter is coming

Into darkness

View from below


Dark close-up

Here you can see the details clearly

In the dead of night, the Night King reigns supreme

Side view in different lighting

A video of my sculpture made in sparse light

A video of my sculpture in daylight