Staying connected to nature is important to me. Both as a person who enjoys camping and hikes as well as a member of the society concerned with our negative impact on the planet. By putting trees front and center as subjects, instead of relegating them to the background where they usually are, I’m saying these silent sentinels of our planet deserve our full attention and respect.

The sentiment for the series also has to do with the season. Fall is often associated with colorful foliage, which is best seen during the day. But fall is also a season about transition; heading in for the long nights and bone-chilling cold. Winter is a hard time. Trees get through it though. These paintings reflect on being ready for what’s to come and like the trees knowing we’ll get through it. There will be blossoming once again in the spring.

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Tree of inflection

Tree of acceptance

Tree of faith

Tree of guidance

Tree of harmony

Tree of victory