Hi! I’m here because I’m a proud mom and want to show you photos of my new baby! I have two other children, my 50mm who helped me take these photos (what a prodigy!) and my 135mm, who is now approaching 1 year old!

My 35mm is a new addition, I adopted her from the camera store recently. She was feeling a bit left out, as I tend to give most of my attention to my 135mm, so I decided to take newborn photos in order to properly welcome her into the family. I haven’t named her yet, so if you have any ideas let me know! Now! Without further ado – *whips out baby pictures*

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She fell asleep. Doesn’t she look so angelic?

The cat tried to eat her shortly before I took this photo

Bonus points if you recognized that her favorite stuffed animal is the bunny from My Neighbor Totoro

Look at that cute smile!

What a well behaved child. I think she has my eyes, don’t you?

I had to be a hipster and use the prism for this one

Look at that Froggy Pose!

Disclaimer: Don’t put string lights around real babies – only Lens Babies!