For many of us it will be the most memorable and life changing moment of all, that magical moment the first child is born.

No matter how prepared you might think you are, all the classes, the sage advice from parenting pros and endless scrolling through sites like Mumsnet just cannot compensate for the overwhelming emotions and foreboding sense of responsibility that inevitably occurs when your first little angel emerges from the womb.

Imgur user joltjones took to the internet recently, fresh after becoming a dad for the very first time, with a revealing list of ‘those things I wish someone had told me.’ The tips, including those from his wife, are raw and from the heart. These are not supposed to be ‘parenting tips,’ more of an illustration of the experience of newfound parenthood. As well as being great reading for any expecting couples, veteran parents will also be able to relate with a knowing smile/grimace.

Scroll down below to check out the lessons learned from these doting first time parents, as well as reactions from those who totally get it. Although it can’t possibly replicate and prepare you for the real thing, there are plenty of eye-opening insights!

How does it feel to become a new parent?

This new dad shared his tips on how to deal with the experience

Mom shared hers too

People responded to the heartwarming post with congratulations…

…and advice of their own!