It seems impossible to wrap our heads around the fact that there were living creatures walking on this planet hundreds of millions of years ago. It’s so hard to imagine how life was back then when there were thousands of unseen animal species, the ecosystem was thriving, and there was not a single human being around.

It’s the unimaginable life before us that motivates us to learn more about the past and understand how life actually was when squirrel-like dinosaurs with bat wings were flying in the air.

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Recently, scientists announced that they have discovered a new species of dinosaurs

Image credits: National Geographic

It is believed to be the best-preserved example of this dinosaur with bat-like membrane wings.

This new species is around 163 million-years-old

The species is called Ambopteryx which is Latin for “both wings”. The dinosaur’s stomach reminds us of plant-eating birds but the scientists did find traces of bone fragments meaning the Ambopteryx did enjoy a meat snack before death. Scientists call it an opportunistic omnivore.

Image credits: NPG Press

One of the study’s coauthor, Jingmai O’Connor, claims that the animal probably was climbing trees looking sort of like a dinosaur squirrel that was also able to fly from branch to branch.

This bat-wing dinosaur was found in China

A local farmer found it in China’s Liaoning Province back in 2017. Researchers first thought it might have been an early bird.

In a video that reveals the digital reconstruction of the animals, the scientists raise the rhetorical question, “So where should you look if you really want to find some fantastic beasts? Maybe in the rocks beneath our feet.”

Make sure to watch this video that shows what the dinosaur looked like 163 million-years-ago in its natural habitat