The first day of my summer holidays, I spent the evening shooting a ’92 Porsche. Ever since I saw ‘Drive’ by Nicolas Winding Refn years ago, I wanted to do a shoot with neon lights. 

I had in mind to shoot mainly with orange and blue light, inspired by Drive, but I also wanted to try and mimic the colors of police lights, using red and blue lights. Other inspirations for this shoot were music from Kavinsky, films like Only God Forgives and games like Hotline Miami. I had also just seen Too Old to Die Young which was 13 hours of neon heaven.

No matter how much fun it was to shoot this, the real magic did happen in Lightroom and Photoshop. Colors can be changed very easily in Lightroom so I could play around and switch things up as much as I wanted. But the biggest part of the editing process wasn’t the color grading, it was retouching. Shining bright lamps on a shiny car gives a lot of reflections that had to be removed in post.

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'neon' Porsche Shoot Inspired By 'Drive'


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