It’s that wonderful time of the year when everybody wants to do something special for their loved ones. What is even more beautiful, is the feeling of togetherness that becomes even stronger between people. Families spend more time together, friends surprise each other with adorable presents, and neighbours do a little something special to make the community a better place. One such Christmas miracle happened recently in Cymru, Wales to a man by the name of Owen Williams, and his story has warmed the hearts of many people.

Recently, Owen William’s family received a package from his deceased neighbour’s daughter

What they first thought was going to be a simple present turned out to be something they will continue to remember for at least the next 14 years

Owen says he was “Gobsmacked. Flabbergasted. Lost for words” when they realized what the actual gift was.

Owen even did a poll asking people whether or not they should open all of the presents

In an interview with Bored Panda, Owen explained it wasn’t that difficult to contain himself from opening them. “They weren’t for me, after all. My wife’s curiosity got the better of her with one gift, but now Twitter has spoken, so we’ll abide by the internet’s collective wisdom!”

It’s safe to say that people absolutely loved the story