I was introduced to the art of needle felting about five years ago after browsing through a small art supply store in Vermont where there existed a section devoted to this somewhat obscure form of art making.

I immediately bought some supplies and set to work teaching myself this medium, which involves jabbing a bit of wool fluff with a special barbed needle that interlocks the fibers and allows for the creation of a three dimensional form. My first animal was a small grey rabbit. The moment I saw that rabbit emerge from that little ball of wool after several thousand determined pokes with the needle, I knew I was hooked.

I enjoy creating both realistic portrayals as well as imagined animal characters who might differ in color or bear adornments that differ from their real life counterparts.

I have always enjoyed making handmade gifts for my family and friends, and I love that my creations can travel miles to reach the hearts of people I’ve never met.

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Dandelion Rabbit

Red Panda

California Quail

Dragonfly Coyote

Gray Wolf

Easter Rabbit

Barred Owl

Making A Bunny

Felted Acorns

California Quail In Progress

Easter Bunny

Pink Fox


California Quail In Progress

Moonflower Fox