– NATURE of CHOICE – ” suspended wood installation 2018 ” commissioned by @widlnature – exhibited from 12pm to 19pm – minimovie coming soon ” Pushing my interrogations on the process of human CHOICE, I found by performing this installation a new answer. To see the beauty of an object, of a Man, of a space, of a moment simultaneously implies the feeling of something precious, the desire to preserve, to observe for a long time.

This desire then pushes us unconsciously to make

the CHOICE to protect and prolong what we find beautiful.

The installation IN SITU of my work CHOICE is realized this time in the wilderness, because this type of place leaves me speechless by its infinite beauty and the possibilities of observation that it offers us.

I see here a giant green and silent living form eternally repeating a process of death and rebirth.

I am now aware my nature of CHOICE works by seeing the wild beauty. I simultaneously feel the need to protect this process, to observe it again and to imagine never losing it as a source of inspiration “

©All credits : @Linestory – Clemence Lerondeau