My name is Evgeniya Aleksandrova. I am a designer from Russia. I am inspired by nature. The best time I can remember from my childhood is the time spent in open air, in a meadow together with my sister. It has taught me attention to details. Countless shapes and delicate hues of buds, herbs, branches create such a different impression and mood. This subject is inexhaustible.

I also really like the work of my own hands. In today’s world, this is not much. I’m always doing something for myself in a variety of techniques. But when I started spending a lot of time with my child at home, I discovered that I can make more than I can wear myself. So happy to share my creativity with others. And that hobby has become more than just a hobby.

These pieces are sculpted manually with delicate instruments. I often develop my own techniques to implement the ideas. And even make some tools myself. I love polymer clay because it gives a lot of space for sculpting and painting.

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