If you have ever flipped through a magazine, watched a commercial or passed an ad poster in the subway you might have felt the pang of envy. The envy that comes from seeing gorgeous models and celebrities with ultra-smooth skin and perfect bodies. Well Bored Panda is here to tell you not to fall into the unrealistic wormhole that is the ad world.

Don’t feel too bad if you have been trapped by these advertising companies. They receive an enormous amount of help from their best friend, photoshop, which eliminates acne, lines, and fat. Well the fashion company Boohoo decided they would break from the old advertising model and are getting praised across the internet for their choice. The brand posted pictures of models proudly baring their stretch marks, with no photoshop tricks in sight. While they are not the first company to introduce a ‘real women’ style campaign, people enthusiastically shared their appreciation through re-posts and positive comments. Scroll down below to see the Boohoo models in all of their un-photoshopped glory!

A post by a Facebook user has gone viral, drawing attention to the brand Boohoo

Boohoo decided not to edit out the models natural stretch marks

You can still find pictures of the same model with her ‘imperfections’ photoshopped out

But it looks like Boohoo is sticking with the natural look, showing off marks on other models as well

Several other companies have already taken this path for their ad campaigns

CVS announced that they will no longer photoshop their beauty ads last year

People are excited about Boohoo joining the natural beauty wave