I took a photo journey to the mystic reindeer herders into the Tiaga Mountains of Mongolia with some of our like minded photographer friends. We captured beautiful northern landscapes and experienced amazing Tsaatan people’s life and culture.

And for now, I am sharing with you the photos and my lens was pointed especially to the Taiga Kids.

These gorgeous kids are spending their summer holiday with their family in the remote Taiga Mountains of Mongolia. They are growing up close to nature earth and far from the modern electronic devices. In this modern world our kids are infected by screen disease but these adorable kids seems to me that they are super healthy, happy and active.

You may interested in these kids' and Mongolian nomads' lifestyle please, visit this page www.toursmongolia.com and don’t forget to vote your favorite ones.

Thank you bored panda for giving us the possibility to share every beautiful moments of the world.


I Took Photos Of Adorable Kids With Their Reindeer In The Remote Taiga Mountains Of Mongolia