I’ve long enjoyed the stories of Greek Mythology, and as an illustrator, I decided to delve into creating my own renditions of some of the goddesses using digital software. It has been a really enjoyable process, creating goddesses that so often we read about, but perhaps forget as we grow up. There is much we can learn about their stories, after all. This is only a handful of them, I have many more to illustrate!

More info: evaduplanart.com

Queen of the Gods – Hera

Goddess of the Dawn – Eos

Goddess of Night – Nyx

Goddess of the Moon – Selene

Goddess of Falling Stars – Asteria

Goddess of Magic – Hekate

Goddess of War and Wisdom – Athena

Goddess of the Hunt – Artemis

Goddess of the Home and Hearth – Hestia

Goddess of Rainbows – Iris

Goddess of Spring and Queen of the Underworld – Persephone

Goddess of Agriculture – Demeter