My footsteps echo throughout the empty hall of this abandoned house. The doors are all closed. I open the door, the one at the end of the hall. Wow, this exceeds my wildest expectations – lots of decay, an old pram, beautiful wallpaper, and an old birdcage. Perfect, just perfect – this will make for some cool photos. But even more surprises wait for us behind closed doors.

Up till now, she’s been dead silent; she knows she can’t make any noise as that might make our presence known. But now she shows a little excitement, and it’s time to do her job. Time to do what she loves the most – posing as a model. Her name is Claire, and she’s my beautiful dog, my muse.

Claire is a three-year-old Bull Terrier, but she doesn’t see herself as a dog, she has human traits. My smart dog and I have been exploring abandoned buildings for a little over two years now. We’ve visited prisons, military bases, coal mines, trains, planes, monasteries, churches, hospitals, farms, and private houses for our creepy photos. We have traveled extensively through several European countries in search of decayed and abandoned places.

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Desperate housewife

Orient express

I am sew very creative


Go see the dogtor


Let’s do some ‘we shouldn’t be doing this’ things

Wanna play?

The English patient

Ready for take-off


Just the two us


Sing us a song

The age of innocence


The morning after the night before


Dog nextdoor


I believe in DOG


Queen of her castle


You colour my world

Colours are brighter when the mind is open


Cleaning bitch


Sweet dreams