I travel home every year and I cannot help taking hundreds of pictures of its nature, its old cars and the Cuban people.

Old Havana and the Havana Harbor

A school

Tropical Rain

In Matanzas, the lack of resources sharpen your wits. Look at the (motor)bike.

Keeping your flat safe.

Cuban autobus. Giron V

Old cars. Almendrones

Red old car.

Russian UAZ-452


Flete (rented) bus.

Wi-Fi point in a park.

Flowers on a bike.

Havana. The building on the back ground was the Habana Hilton and then Habana Libre after the revolution.

Old Mansion and a Beetle.

Any street in Havana.

The cock.

A farmer fishing.

Canimar river.

Crossing the river pulling the rope.

A tropical storm in Matanzas.

Public transport.

Cloths get dry very quickly.

Umbrelas are very popular in Cuba. The sun is quiet strong.

Girls coming from school.

Mother pics up her daughter from a primary school.

Selling onions, yucas (casaba), cabbage, pumpkins, tomatoes, limes…

Riding horses is common in Cuba.

Old chevs are painted in bright beautiful colours.

Backpacks and pencils ready for school.

My sister and nephews on the way to school.

Varadero beach.

Palm trees are very common in Cuba. By Canimar river.

Colocasias are found around Cuba everywhere.

Birthday cake. Home made and delicious.

All the friends invited to the party. Happiness!!!