I ride the NYC subway every day to work and back. I decided since I spend so much time traveling, waiting, sleeping, eating, dreaming and yes sometimes even thinking in tunnells, why don’t I start drawing them. No one has been on this one yet, but I took it from a photograph of the 2nd Ave subway that is still in the process of being constructed.

The other 2 that are titled are from the NY City Hall Subways that are no longer in use. They used to have tours for them but no longer. You have to stay on the 6 train, and after the last stop this is what you pass through. You’re not really supposed to do this, but if the conductor is nice, he’ll give you a break. Got an art deco and futuristic look about them. Done in colored pencils, wax art bars and oil pastels. I’ve been told that I draw sexy subways. Never quite thought of them that way.

More info: lcicioart.com

Another Underground NYC Hall Subway

Underground NYC Hall Subway