The constant stream of baby photos that we get from new parents can sometimes be annoying, but it’s not hard to understand their excitement – for some couples, having children can be one of the most important and profound experiences in their lives. However, these baby photos, jazzed up by artist and new mother Amber Wheeler, are a pleasure to see.

Wheeler took simple photos of her baby son dressed in white on a white background and drew in designs with a basic computer illustration program. They put her baby boy everywhere from the open road or a hot air balloon to the final frontier of space. She’s not the first parent to come up with creative ways of photographing her kids, either – Adele Emersen photographed her baby daughter in a similar way, and creative photographer dads Jason Lee and Toyokazu Nagano also came up with creative and fun ways to photograph their kids. Is there no end to parents’ creativity when it comes to their kids?

Source: Imgur (via 22words)