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My Scrapbook, #theawkwardscrapbook
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Illustration6 years ago

My Scrapbook, #theawkwardscrapbook

One day I was given a notebook by my brother.
I usually have tons of these. But this time it was different; the one he gave me was so beautiful I had to use it. Shortly after I was given this notebook, I faced many problems in my life. And that notebook, became my companion. I couldn’t put it down. I transferred my anger into art. I faced the world with colors when I could’ve been facing it with slit wrists or final thoughts.
I’m a person who’s socially awkward and going out with new people is like a burden upon my chest.
And since this scrapbook represented my character, I named it The Awkward Scrapbook.
Being socially awkward caused me in being online so much instead of going out. I’ve probably read every single quote out there, and every thing somebody has to say. And that made me realize what’s really worth reading and what is just a waste of time.
That when I decided to put the stuff that I read that affect me somehow with an illustration.
I am not a bookworm, and one of the reasons for why I am not is because I hate books with no pictures.
Even when studying, I have to illustrate the stuff I study with drawings to memorize it.
Then I started uploading my artwork on Instagram. And the feedback that I got and still get was overwhelming. The fact that for once in my life, I’m not ignored! People are actually checking out stuff I’m making. And as time passed I started receiving messages about how I changed many people’s perspectives toward life.
Yesterday, I received a message wish had an image of a scrapbook written below it: ‘inspired by Maryam ElGhonemy’. At that moment, I was ready to die.
At that moment, I saw everything coming together.
And I realized, I wouldn’t be here, witnessing all of this; If I weren’t alive.

So I thought I’d share some of my art with you and you can check more If you wish on my Instagram (@maryamelghonemy) or the hash tag #TheAwkwardScrapbook, or The Awkward Scrapbook’s Facebook page.
And I hope it changes your life just like it changed mine!

More info: Facebook


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