My childhood pet – Rottweiler

Pet to me is a friend or partner who spends the life with me and listens to me when I need someone to talk to. I love towards an animal is developed by seeing their playful behaviors, like a form of energy driving myself to capture their expressions in the drawing. Through my work, you can always find different expressions and postures of kitties and puppies.

My strong medium is a ballpoint pen,I like the colorful range of ball pens that provides a huge variety of colours and sizes. They give me so much freedom in creating the artwork I desire, I can easily transform what I feel into my drawing. Ball pens give so much pleasure to me even though the time spent on each drawing is rather long. Every single line and stroke are planned carefully, I totally enjoy the process of making it.

I am a pet lover. I dedicate my art to create the awareness for animal protection and stand against animal cruelty.

Ethen Ng

Rottweiler ballpoint pen Demo | My childhood buddy

My Pet 48 ( Rottweiler )