I spent over two years in Iceland trying to find the most incredible natural phenomena close to Reykjavik.

Northern lights are very desirable thing these days. This is one of the few things which make Iceland very popular destination right now. Personally, this is my favorite, current thing to do after my job. Usually, I am driving alone to see those lights close to the place where I live now.

It makes me really happy, I feel very close to the Nature while I see those things in the sky. You can feel the sky so close to you, all of those stars you can just “touch”! There is nothing to be afraid of, even if I am alone. While you experiencing this, you can feel that you are the part of the whole universe. You are in the right time and right place.

I concluded here all of my favorite pictures from the past two years. You can see here Northern Lights from my window at home, you can see them in the city, in my garden, next to the summer house. Above the town where I live. You can see the picture of myself trying to capture the best frame! Or just me standing on the rocks and enjoying the view!

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