My name is Alistair Jameson and I am the founder of the Solehab brand. Solehab’s mission is to bring back the simple, the quality, the elegant and stylish into design and graphic apparel.

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I have just launched a new collection called The Traveller. The Traveller’s t-shirt collection is specifically designed for individual countries such as France, China, Italy and Spain. Where ever we go language can be an issue. The Traveller t-shirt collection aims to break the language barriers we sometimes face. Each icon is uniquely designed for each country making it the perfect addition to anyones travel attire.


More info:

Solehab – The Traveller – Spain

Solehab – The Traveller – China

Solehab – The Traveller – France

Solehab – The Traveller – Spain

Solehab – The Traveller – Italy

Solehab – The Traveller – Spain