Two years ago I set out to capture photos of my neighbor’s kids growing up in my small community. After completing the initial set and posting it to Bored Panda in April of 2017 it immediately went viral and impacted the lives of many folks around the world.

Fast-forward two years later to date and I’m still documenting their growth through childhood; and so, I’ve decided to share once more. I don’t suspect they’ve changed much or maybe that’s because I’ve seen them almost every day since then, but perhaps the little guy has gotten a bit taller, haha. I consider myself to be a philosophical photographer and as such I hope these images will bring joy to those who see them. Enjoy!

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A Little Help

Lunch & Laughter

The Simple Things

A Spectacle


Chasing Bliss



Cruising Down The Street

Hop Sacking!

She’s Stronger

What a bubble!


Story Time

A Walk Through The Park