My mother have always wanted to be an artist but she never had a chance to make her dreams come true. Her name is Alicja Piotrowska. She is from Poland. And she makes hats and clothing out of wool with her own imagination. The effects are outstanding!

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She started her adventure with felting 5 years ago. It has all begun after her favourite sweater had shrinked in the washing machine. She decided to make a bag out of it and to decorate it with felted flowers. At first she needed to learn the technique. She started with the small things like a flowers and animal figures. As years passed this experiment has evolved into real passion. Now she makes hats and clothing using various felting techniques. And it became her way of expressing herself but also her full time job - she runs her own business.

For me my mother IS an amazing artist. She's a really inspiring person. She shows that presistence, practice and imagination all together make a perfection. I love her works and hope you will like them too!

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My Mother Is A Mad Hatter And Creates Amazing Wearable Pieces Of Art

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