My mom’s dog, Bella, was turning 15 (well beyond her life expectancy) and is still kicking. She’s gotten a little slow, her eye sight is going bad, and is going through all the changes that all old dogs go thru. We wanted to celebrate in a special way to show her that life is still great! We decided to get all of her cousins together and get doggy ice cream from Skinny Dip. Her sister and cousins all got little birthday hats and she wore a pretty pink crown, as all princesses do. Below are the photos I took of the wonderful occasion and her incredible milestone.

Bella, the birthday girl

Lil’ Caesar, Bella, Po

Bella excited to see her family

Po, looking handsome and taking up the sidewalk

Lil’ Caesar and Po

Bella can’t stop smiling

Family, everywhere

Bella’s sister, Skittlez

Little dog, big hat

Little hat, big dog

Just happy to be here

My dog, Beck

The Birthday Princess

Did someone say ice cream?!

Beautiful Bella Basking in the Bright Sunshine

Eyesight is bad but she can still see the love

He’s so handsome…

…and he knows it

Ice cream?

Ice cream?!

Ice cream