My mom owns a Patisserie boutique here in Larnaca, Cyprus called Vienna Boutique.
Since 1996, she has been operating the shop on her own.
Once I moved back home from my art studies in the UK, she was reluctant to give me any projects regarding the shop. The shop is her baby and she’s a bit of a control freak over it!
But with the new year, something changed and I had the green light to go ahead and decorate shop’s window display.

First things first – I had to come up with a theme.
Being a huge fan of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Illustrations by John Tenniel I just had to recreate that and adapt it for the shop’s windows.

Using inexpensive materials such as paper, unwanted wooden boards from the local craftsmen, fabric, light bulbs, glitter, glue, and paint. Here is my journey in short of how I made it in 10 days.

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Now the shop looks like this, but let’s start at the beginning

It all began with sketching and brainstorming for set up and colour match

Creating outline on wooden boards

Painting and glittering the boards


Creating the light installation. It’s working!

Paper props


Other accessories: framed artworks, labels, candles, props

Window stickers

All done