Who among us doesn’t daydream about living in a fantasy world when we’re bogged down with work, where perhaps we’re relaxing in a hammock by the beach or being tickled by the warm sun in green meadows? My husband does too and in his dream, he’s a sheep in the Swiss Alps.

That set me, an illustrator, on a mission to paint his adventures as a sheep!

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Nerdy Sheep

You can take the man out of the nerd, but not the nerd out of the man..I mean, sheep!


Jumping on the specie-ship isn’t enough to stop him from taking part in marathons, cycla-thons or even Ironman triathlons!

Fanboy sheep

An ardent fan like him would be popping in and out of humans’ houses to catch football matches- so keep those doors shut!

Swimming Sheep

Taking a dip in front of the Matterhorn is a must!!

Sick sheep

The bare minimum temperature drop can be hard on him- so the Swiss cold is gonna be brutal!

Bald Sheep

I’m guessing he isn’t gonna enjoy shearing all that much!!

Foodie Sheep

His love of pizza is gonna sneak up on him when he gets sick of all that grass!

Mountaineer sheep

He’s gonna leave those mountain goats in the dust when he puts his mountaineering skills to use!

Aurora Sheep

His biggest dream will come true when he sees the Northern Lights from a mountain-top…as a sheep!