A few months ago, I started dating an artist. I was hoping to be inspired by beautiful works of art or even be her muse (“draw me like one of your French girls” sort of thing). Instead, she started telling me about her exes and painting cute naked versions of them.

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This is Soccer-Ahbeng, one of her first boyfriends. Ahbeng means gangster in Singapore. He’s not really a gangster, but he behaves like one. He still owes her 2000$ by the way.


This is Psycho-Bitch. One time he threatened to destroy her car if she didn’t pick up his call. He also called the cops on her…when she didn’t pick up his call.

Psycho-Bitch again

Psycho-Bitch broke her heart and went away. Float away lil’ bitch. Float away…

The Doormat

This is The Doormat. He did everything she said but she left him anyway. Women are weird.


This is Wolf-Boy. He’s a guitarist in New-York. She spent the night at his place…and he slept alone on the couch. He’s ok, I guess.


This is Piano-Boy. She was really stuck on him. He has a giant mushroom sticking up his butt.

Awesome Naked Boy

What’s this? Both the planets have hearts in this painting? Who might this awesome naked person be? (Me)

Awesome Naked Couple

And this is us going on our new journey together! Until the next painting that is…

Seriously though, her artwork is amazing! There are more naked people to come (pun intended?) in this series.