Hi, I’m Rob Woodcox from Portland Oregon, this Halloween I wanted to collaborate with as many of my friends as possible to create something stunning and wild.

I collaborated with designer Michelle Hébert (@michellehebertofficial), model Chelsea Page (@chelseayeah) and body painter Chelsea Sinks (@treesphinx). The series is inspired by my personal experiences with love and the challenges involved; each photo has a caption that is a portion of the whole short story if read in order. I hope you can relate and see the beauty that comes from the satisfaction of overcoming a challenge, even if it’s one close to the heart. Happy Halloween and Day of The Dead, and to see more check out the link to my Instagram!

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The Skeleton Queen (part 1)

There once was a girl who searched for love, she chased its touch through the earth below and the heavens above.

The Skeleton Queen (part 2)

She danced and she sang till her feet were sore, so many nights growing one in the same. But soon the hands they ripped and they tore, at the seams of her heart still aflame.

The Skeleton Queen (part 3)

She ran and she climbed exclaiming her woes to the lovers she’d left behind, but the powerful grip of their lingering desire kept them intertwined.

The Skeleton Queen (part 4)

Until one day she realized amidst a darkened hour, the trials faced through low and high had carried her quite far. The world in which she lived was vast, and her experiences became her power.

Behind The Scenes of Skeleton Queen