My fiancée quit corporate job to give herself over to painting 24 hour clocks. Fascinated by the beauty and precision of medieval tower’s clocks, now every day she locks in the garage with a big sheet of paper and slowly, with incredible precision she applies millions coats of colourful tempera’s mixtures. Then she cuts, bends, grinds, solders and learns engineering tricks. She’s so happy that it’s quite hard to believe!

Thanks to the clocks I’ve seen her fortitude – such an enthusiasm is as scarce as hen’s teeth. When day by day difficulties multiplied and multiplied, and it seemed that the project is already dead, she – slowly, patiently and always with a smile – pursued her aim, just like an ant. Indeed, it was worth it! The clocks are amazing; they sparkle in light, enrapture with intensity and depth of colours and take for a short and magical time travel.

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