During 35 years of travel and living abroad I have visited over 120 countries, some 220 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and more than 100 of the World Heritage Cities.

As a freelance photo-journalist, I had numerous travel articles and photographs published and syndicated around the world in traditional media and moved into the Internet medium in 1996.

TravelNotes.org was founded in 1997, to ambitiously cover every country in the world and Travel-Write.com soon followed; to expand on the travel articles section at Travel Notes.

With print on demand we can now turn our favourite travel photographs into large photographic prints and instantly transform the home or office into a spectacular location.

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Travel Photography Collage

My favourite travel photo is a hard one to pick as I have too many travel pics to choose from, so I made a collage from a number of my favourite travel photos and turned it into a background image for use on websites.

Source: travelnotes.org

Tower In The Lake

Lake Reschen is the largest lake above 1,000 metres in the Alps. Located south of the Reschen Pass, in South Tyrol, Italy the area is popular with cyclists. A large car-park near the lake is handy for drivers seeking a quick photo opportunity.

Source: pics.travelnotes.org

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House (UNESCO World Heritage site) at dusk, taken from an interesting perspective on Olympic Drive.

This photo was used on the cover of Nomadic Gatherings: Travels in Asia and Australia.

Source: tnot.es

Vietnam Paddy Fields

Two Vietnamese women wearing the traditional conical hat (Non La) to protect themselves from the sun while working knee-deep in paddy fields outside Hue, along the central coast of Vietnam.

The word ‘paddy’ is derived from the Malay word padi, rice plant.

Source: pics.travelnotes.org

Taj Mahal Detail

A detail of the Taj Mahal that not everyone sees.

When pointing a camera at tourist attractions that millions of people have captured, especially with all the mobile phones and selfie sticks being waved around today, it pays to look for something a little more original.

If anyone can get there, anyone can take a picture, but not everyone can see something a little more artistic.

Moving away from the crowds allows us to compose a detail of the place that has an unique angle to it.

Strong colour, lines, shadow and even a slight reflection all help to give an architectural detail a whole new life of its own.

Is that really the Taj Mahal? Well, it’s one of the four 40m high minarets that surround the mausoleum.

Source: pics.travelnotes.org

Camel In India

A camel seen pulling a cart outside the Red Fort in Agra, India.

Camels provide milk, meat and hair for textiles. Camels are also working animals; transporting humans in the desert, bearing loads on an ascent and pulling carts in urban areas.

Source: pics.travelnotes.org

Clifton Beach, Cape Town

Clifton is an affluent suburb of Cape Town, South Africa with high real estate values.

This mainly residential district also offers four white, sandy beaches for visiting tourists to relax and enjoy the sights; protected in the ‘wind shadow’ of Lion’s Head mountain.

Source: pics.travelnotes.org