Hello! My name is 米娜, I’m British but I live in China, in a far northern city of the province of Inner Mongolia, with my Chinese husband and our three dogs. I teach English, he teaches dance, and we love our dogs very much.

I want to make a photographic collection of the places we go for our walks, because whenever I take the dogs somewhere new I always tend to make them stop and sit while I take copious amounts of very boring pictures (because I am not a good photographer, I’m sorry), but then I sometimes find a nice one in there and I keep it.

I hope they are worth sharing, I hope you enjoy, because I just want to show that dogs are the wonderful creatures we know them to be no matter where they come from, where they are in the world. Also, I think every dog parent wants to show off their babies just a little bit. AND I love China and want to show that off too.

This is WuKong, a Standard Poodle

His name is from a Chinese legendary monkey king who was very mischievous and liked wreaking havoc wherever he went. Mostly WuKong is a perfect gentleman, only sometimes is that name fitting.

This is Boogie, a Miniature Pinscher

In winter the temperatures are between -20C and -30C here on a daily basis, so it’s rare she comes for a real walk with us at the moment, she much prefers hiding under the duvet.

This is Tudou, her name means Potato

She is a “Chinese Garden Dog”, not a breed, but a Dog Type. She was homeless and pregnant and almost beaten to death by a guard before finding herself at our door. Five puppies later, she never wanted to leave. She is exceptionally smart, loyal and very gentle, a true blessing of a dog it would be hard to find twice in a lifetime.

We rencently moved house to a large community area, and right across the road is a large and empty park with a lot of space to run and explore

Here Wukong and Tudou went down to a riverside walkway early in the morning. Don’t let the sun fool you, it was -29C that day, but we did a lot of running to stay warm

Once I found a beautiful Chinese garden with bridges, tiny rivers and goldfish in a pond, hidden behind a huge shopping mall and some apartments

When Wukong was a younger I brushed his lovely poodle fur up all big and fluffy, and took him to an incredible garden far from my house, known for being very dog friendly. He got a lot of cuddles from a lot of strangers

Once we took Tudou to a restaurant/bar dressed in a reindeer coat and shoes – she was very popular!

Tudou even came to school to help me teach a cooking class once!

Most of all though, our dogs just want to be with us, play with us, relax around us, and always get a bite of what we’re eating

Sometimes it’s the comfy home pictures that are the best.